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The website home page is divided into three sections namely:

  • Gazetteer service map (A)
  • Featured tools (B)
  • Android App Link (C)

Gazetteer Service Map

Added and approved place names are displayed on this map. The map has several overlay tile layers to enable exploring other geo-physical aspects in the are of interest. In addition, place names, prototype gazetteer and GeoNames records are rendered on map as basemaps. All can be turned onto view at once or in alternating manner, whichever the user feels pleased with. The layer control tool can be used to switch between these overlay layers and basemaps.

These are resources we deem very important and should be easily accessible.

Android App

Click the app banner image to download android app. Alternatively, search for toponyms mobile app on play store. Install the first app listed owned by Daniel Orongo.

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