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MapEarth Gazetteer Service Documentation

Project website is hosted at

Website Structure

Mapearth gazetteer service website is intuitively designed to make resources easily discoverable, accessible and usable.

Website Structure

The website consiste of seven (4) major components: 🧑‍💻

  • Top Navigation Bar (Header) - Component labelled A which can be split into two:
    • Navigation Hot Links - Consiste of hyper-linked texts and dropdowns. Has major links to various project resources.
    • Search Bar - A tool that makes our place names database searchable and easily discoverable/explorable.
  • Side Navigation Panel - Component labelled B. Contains links to important project resources.
  • Resource Content Section - Section labelled C. This is the part where page contents are shown. All other components of the website are static except for this component.
  • Footer - Section labelled D. Used for foot note, contact address, acknowledgment and page hyper-linking.

Of the four components, section C is the only dynamic component. All others are static and will rarely change.